On Going Back to College as a Quasi-Adult

Let me get a few things out on the table right away:

1.  I’m back in college after a 4 year hiatus

2. I wish Americans would refer to college as “University” like Kate Middleton.  ”Excuse me, I must leave you now in order to drive to University”.  Way more impressive.

3. I still don’t think of myself as an adult.  What is an adult anyway? (sounds like a profound question best discussed at “University”)


First off, I think college is awesome!  You pay thousands of dollars for a professor to ask you, “What do you think about that?”  It’s like therapy, but way cooler and more expensive.

But some things have changed in the 4 years that I’ve been away.

Like college boys.  It’s no longer cute when a boy the age of my little brother “flirts” by telling me he was too busy partying to do his homework and barely made it to class.  Not cute, college boy, not cute. (Alright, it was never cute, but it’s even LESS cute now)  Do your homework, make good choices, be successful!

Or purses.  Why do the girls walking around the campus only have purses?! All my stuff would fit better in a suitcase, but they are all looking so dainty and precious with just their purses.  You know what?!  I don’t know how you all do it, but keep rockin’ it, sisters, keep rockin’ it!


(Not hip AT ALL)

And Homework.  Oh Heavens the homework!!  I used to hate homework, yet had plenty of time to do it.  Now I would LOVE to do homework, and have no time to do it. *LOOONNNGGG SIGH*

Or staying until the very last second.  I used to start packing up my stuff 5 minutes before class was done and ardently hoped that the professor would let us out a little early.  NOW, I park my butt on that chair BECAUSE I PAID FOR A FULL HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINTUES, Y’ALL!

Now, in conclusion….I’m quite aware that I’ve just admitted that I want to lecture my fellow students, have no idea what’s cool, have no time, and want to get everything I paid for…. I guess I’m an adult after all.


4 thoughts on “On Going Back to College as a Quasi-Adult

  1. Dear Adult – Sounds like you’ve already learned quite a bit at University…like getting everything you paid for…and perspective is a funny thing. Love it! Thanks for the smile!

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